l           A Brief Histroy

     The school was founded in 1964 and it was originally named “ Taipei Shixin Industrial and Commercial school.“

In 1967, the night school was established, offering a four year program for students, so the school name was changed to “Taipei Shixin Senior Commercial Vacational School” in July, 1968.  In May 1969, due to its increased scale, the school was renamed as “ Taipei Shixin High School of Industry and Commerce.”

In order to keep up with the fast moving world and meet social demands, in March, 2002, the school was ordered to change its name to its current one “Taipei Shixin High School.”


l           Names and tenures of office of former board chairmen

Board chairman


Chiao Wei-Lien


Tsui Te-Li

Kan Chun-Erh


Tsai Chen-Yang


Tsai Chen-Chou


Tsai Wan-Chun


Tsai Wan-Lin


Tsai Wan-Chun


l           Names and tenures of office of former principals



Shi Po Hui 2017-Present

Lu Jui-Tsai


Chen Chao-Ching


Chen Wen-Ping


Chang Ching-Yao


Liu Hsiao-Yen


Hung Chin-Hao


Ou Jui-Hsiung



l           Academic Organization:

At present there are five specialized programs offered in our school; namely, the Department of Data Processing, the Department of Applied Foreign Languages, the E-commerce and the General Education Department.  The school will offer a new course of E-sports in the following semesdter. We provides varieties of academic and practical training courses featuring the following: 

The Department of Data Processing

u         Cultivate professional e-sports talents and employ industry e-sports teachers to teach courses, and use industry-acdemia cooperation to enable students to learn professional electro-athletic performance during school

u          Train the students to be familiar with system application relevant to actual data processing and the techniques of Internet application as well as website design


u          strengthen students’ ability of Chinese as well as English typing speed

u          Train students to acquire the licenses which are relevant to the programs

u          Prepare students to be in accordance with the demand of the information era


The Department of Applied Foreign Languages

u          Prepare students with a strong second language background

u          Advance students' ability of foreign language conversation

u          Encourage students to attend aptitude examinations for the Exam and ensure students to pass GEPT or JLPT before graduation

u          Have two native English and two Japanese speakers to help construct a high quality langauge learning enviornment.

The Department of International Trade

u          Provide students professional knowledge and skills for international trading

u          Reinforce the training of basic abilities and encourage students to take various examining tests

u          Advancing students’ foreign language abilities

u          Reinforce the automated pedagogy of information management in international trading

The General Education Department

u          Pave the straight path of academic promotion to national academies

u          Enhance professional ethics and nourish expertise elites

u          Promote basic academic competence

u          Offer opportunities for testing personal aptitude


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